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Evaporative Air Conditioning Specialists

Are you looking for evaporative air conditioning in or around Adelaide? You have come to the right place. If you are considering evaporative air conditioning you should get down to your local Gas Works showroom. We have a huge range of the best cooling systems so we can be sure to find the perfect solution for your home. Don’t forget to ask about zoning and temperature and timer controls for added efficiency. Come in and speak to the evaporative air conditioning specialists at Gas Works.

The climate for evaporative air conditioning

Evaporative cooling is a fantastic way to cool your home in South Australia as we don’t have very high levels of humidity. The technology behind evaporative air conditioners is very simple but delivers the cool and comfortable home you always wanted. Visit our blog to find out if you are in the right location for evaporative air conditioning.

How evaporative air conditioning works

Here is a quick overview of how evaporative cooling works. Warm outside air is drawn into an evaporative cooler by a ventilation fan. It passes though wet filter pads, which makes the water evaporate and cooler air is created. The cool air is then pumped through the air conditioning ducts to cool your home. Simple.

An all in one solution

Did you know, if you already have gas ducted heating you might be half way to getting evaporative air conditioning installed! Yes, that is right, in some instances you can use your existing ducted heating vents in duct your evaporative air conditioning. Just watch our video about combining evaporative air con and ducted gas heating to learn more.