Inbuilt Gas Fires

Inbuilt gas fires can look stunning as a show piece in your living room. With great designs and heating capabilities Gas Works Adelaide has an inbuilt gas fire to suit your needs. Take a look below or pop into your local showroom;

Escea DX1500

Escea DX1500

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    Setting new standard in gas fireplaces, the Escea DX1500 combines 1500mm width flame, up to 10 kW of heat at 5 Star efficiency, Heat Ducting Technology, and Escea’s exclusive Smart Heat control system to create the most sophisticated Ultra wide fireplace on the market.

    The DX1500 captures up to 90% of the available heat and returns it back into the room via Escea’s Heat Duct technology. This system ensures this heat travels to the far ends of your room, providing quiet and complete room heating. You can even duct some of the heat into the hallway to heat the bedroom end of the home.

    Escea’s Smart Heat intelligent control system, maintains correct heat output, can talk to a home automation system if required, and allows remote control of the fire via cell phone or the internet.

    The DX 1500 uses Escea’s latest power direct vent flue technology which brings air for the fire from outside the house ensuring that, the fireplace will always burn at its optimum.

    Escea DX 1500 Specifications:

    Viewable Glass
    1560w x 360h

    Fascia Options
    Velo (available in 2 colours)

    Fuel Bed
    Crystalight (available in 3 colours)
    Driftwood & White Stones

    Heat Output


    Gas Type
    Natural Gas

    * Depending on flue configuration