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Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems

Continuous flow gas hot water systems only heat the water as you need it, making them an efficient way to supply your home with hot water. Gas Work's are Adelaide's experts in continuous flow gas hot water systems and they will help you find the right gas hot water solution. Here is the current range of continuous flow hot water systems;

Rheem Integrity 24

Rheem Integrity 24

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    The Rheem Integrity 24 Continuous Flow is a compact, gas instantaneous or continuous flow water heater with optional temperature controllers. Rheem Continuous Flow will never run out of hot water. It doesn't store water - instead, it heats it instantly when you need it. Rheem's new compact design is ideal in homes where space is at a premium. Choose the exact water temperature you desire.

    Rheem Integrity 24 Features:

    • Flow rate of 24L per minute
    • Temperature control at the push of a button
    • Heats water instantly as it passes through the unit
    • Unique Flamesafe® protection system
    • 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger
    • 3 year warranty on parts and labour