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Everyone’s a Winner thanks to Gas Works Customers

Posted on Thursday, September 08, 2016


Each year supported by Bosch, Gas Works donate $30 from the sale of each Bosch Gas Hot Water system from March to June to support the Julian Burton Burns Trust. This year saw Gas Works donate over $6,000 to the Burn’s Trust.

Over the past few years Gas Works have donated almost $100,000 to the Burns Trust. Mr Phil Andrews Chair of the Gas Works Group said “This is a promotion we really look forward to each year. Everyone is a winner, Gas Works and Bosch get to help the Burn’s Trust, our customer’s invest a top quality Gas Hot Water System and the Burn’s Trust receives much needed funds for the important work they do in the prevention of burns inside the home.” He went to on to say “In addition we run another promotion at the same time for those who buy a Bosch High Condensing Hot Water System, they go into a draw to win a 55inch Samsung Smart TV valued at over $2,000 and this year Yvonne from Lockleys won it.”

Adam Roe Director of Findon Store presenting the Smart TV to Yvonne.

Mr Andrews said “Right now there is no better time to convert to Gas Hot Waters Systems. Electricity prices are rising by 7.2% and Gas prices falling by 10.4% add to this there up to $1,500 rebates available and you can connect to gas for free” (see maketheconnection.com.au for details).

Gas Works and Bosch support Julian Burton Burns Trust.

Posted on Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Over the past few years Gas Works and Bosch have partnered together to raise much needed funds for the Julian Burton Burns Trust.

Gas Works have made donations that total close to $100,000 to the Burns Trust to assist them with research, education and rehabilitation.

Each year for three months of the year Gas Works donates $30 from the sale of each Bosch Hot Water System.

Karen Prater talks to Julian Burton about the Burns Trust, his motivation to start it and the works the Trust does. He also offers a useful tip to how you can prevent your children or grand children from hot water burns.

Hot Water Burns!

Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hot water from your bathroom tap at 60°C takes just 1 second to seriously burn a young child.

Over 5,500 Australian children are hospitalised due to sustaining a severe burn injury through hot water scalding each year, all of which could have been prevented.

Bosch and the Julian Burton Burns Trust have partnered to help South Australian families prevent hot water scalding in their homes and offer the following safety tips:

  1. Never leave your child unattended in the bath or shower

  2. Never carry hot water across a room where children may be playing

  3. Teach your child what ‘hot’ means

  4. Restrict your hot water service so the water temperature in your bathroom does notexceed 45°C

The Bosch Electronic Highflow range lets you enjoy the convenience of water heating with uncompromised quality, higher capacities and even more temperature controllers. The most effective way to use your Bosch Highflow appliance is with a temperature controller.

The benefits of the Bosch Temperature Controller include:

  • Precise temperature control means you can select a safe temperature for your children’s bath. This will maximise safety and will allow you to shower or bathe at your ideal temperature.

  • Easy to use

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Consistent delivery - no need to mix hot and cold water

  • Premium Warranties

Gas Works are proud to support the Burns Trust and with their partners Bosch are aiming to hit the magic $100,000 donation mark this year. In addition to buying a world class hot water service you have the chance to win a Samsung 55cm ULTRA HD LED-LCD SMART TV Retail Value $2199.00.

Aiming for $100,000

Posted on Tuesday, March 22, 2016


With over 75% of severe burns happening in the home and scalds are the most common type of burn injury for children aged 0-11 years Gas Works and Bosch in response to these statistics has donated almost $90,000 to the Julian Burton Burns Trust since 2010 to help reduce burn injury across Australia and at the same time raise awareness about the incidence of scald burns.

This donation is made possible through the annual Gas Works and Bosch Hot Water Campaign where $30 from every Bosch Highflow Hot Water temperature controlled system sold by Gas Works is donated to the Burns Trust.

The Julian Burton Burns Trust is committed to providing world class burns prevention, care and support programs and raising awareness about burn injury.

After personally experiencing life threatening burn injuries during the Bali Bombings of October 2002, Julian Burton was inspired to give something back to the people who supported him and the many others who were affected. After researching burn injury care across Australia, Julian discovered Australia did not have a national burn care community organisation in existence and indeed that burns are one of the top 3 injuries suffered by Australians every year.


Each year the Trust run The BurnSafe Schools Program is a fun, FREE and interactive burns prevention and first aid program designed to educate primary school students and their families in South Australia about the incidence of burn injury, offer practical prevention strategies and basic first aid knowledge.

Almost every burn injury a young person suffers is preventable and BurnSafe encourages students to be more aware of the incidence of burn injury, its major causes and how they can reduce the risk of suffering a burn injury. All students learn best practice first aid and take home a BurnSafe bag, encouraging students to discuss their learning with their family.


Whilst in hospital, and as outpatients, burn survivors are supported physically and emotionally within the hospital burns service. Once they have completed their treatment, burn survivors often require ongoing support, education and have a need to feel connected with others who have shared similar experiences.
Challenges such as scar management, difficulties with body temperature control and body image are only a small list of what often plays a big role in a burn survivor's day to day living and will often affect their quality of life and a return to their 'normal' life.

Gas Works are proud to support the Burns Trust and with their partners Bosch are aiming to hit the magic $100,000 donation mark this year. In addition to buying a world class hot water service you have the chance to win a Samsung 55cm ULTRA HD LED-LCD SMART TV Retail Value $2199.00.

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