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The Best Climate For Evaporative Cooling

Posted on Saturday, December 01, 2012

With Australia being such a large country our weather is affected by both the Equator and South Pole as they create varying climates in different areas. Because of these climates with varying levels of heat and humidity certain air conditioning systems don’t work as well as others. This is especially the case for evaporative coolers.

Many people see great benefit in installing such a system because their operating costs can be up to 80% lower than their refrigerated counterparts. But unfortunately they aren’t the most efficient systems for everyone. Here we will break down Australia’s climates and find the best climate for evaporative cooling.


the best climate for evaporative cooling

Green: Suitable           Yellow: Less Suitable           Red: Too Humid

To see a world view map click here.


From the above map of Australia you can see the three main climate areas that have been segmented into green, yellow and red. This follows the traffic light sequence in a similar way. If you’re located in the green area then you are good to go with evaporative air conditioning. With yellow you are in the middle and with red you need to stay away from evaporative.

Evaporative air cons do so well in the Southern Coastal and Inland regions because in summer the air is hot and with low humidity. As humidity starts to rise along with hot weather, evaporative units become less effective. When humidity levels reach the higher end these units will have little to no thermal comfort benefit beyond increasing air movement and overall ventilation.

In regards to areas with moderate humidity there are many uses for evaporative air conditioning in commercial and industrial applications such as kitchens, laundromats, dry cleaners, green houses, loading docks, warehouses, factories, workshops and kennels.

On the look-out for an evaporative air conditioning unit? Talk to the experts that now what works better for you. Get in contact with your nearest Gas Works AC Specialist today!



Article by Nathan Hockley 


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