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Which hot water system is right for me?

Posted on Wednesday, March 06, 2013

But which hot water systemis right for me? I hear you ask. There are many things to consider but here are the main key points you need to know and will help you choose the right hot water system for your needs.

“Thar She Blows!” When your hot water system goes you don’t give much consideration to researching your next unit because let’s face it, no one likes cold showers. But more often than not you’ll replace it with the exact same model. Nevertheless, more time should be spent on selecting the right system as it could mean great long term cost savings for your hip pocket and the environment.

Types of Hot Water Systems

The main types of hot water units are storage (tank) and instant (continuous flow). Storage systems will heat water and store it for later use, while instant systems will heat water when it is needed.

Which Fuel Type?

There are three common fuel types used in hot water systems. They are electricity, gas & solar.

Systems powered by electricity that heat water at any time will be very expensive. If you have an electric system, off-peak heating will reduce these costs as tariffs are lower. Due to the high output of emissions the Government is regulating the installation of electric systems.

Natural gas hot water units are great for the environment as they produce much less emissions and cost less to run. Unfortunately gas isn’t available to all homes but it is highly recommended if it is available to you.

Solar powered hot water is very good for your hip pocket and the environment. Units do have a high upfront cost but the main benefit is highly reduced running costs. There are also rebates available that help to reduce initial costs.

Which Hot Water System Size Suits My Household?

1-2 people: Have roof access for solar panels? A gas boosted solar hot water system will suit your needs. If your budget is limited, a gas storage or instant system will be cheaper to install.M

3-4 people: Medium sized homes need larger units, this is where high flow instant and storage gas systems become very beneficial. Although more costly, solar hot water systems are a good choice due to their reduced long term costs.

5+ people: A large system will be needed in this situation, which can incur a high upfront cost. This may make it easier to choose a solar system. In this situation an instant unit will be less economical than a storage system.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

With the new knowledge you have it is time to answer the questions below, this will give you a good understanding when looking at the specifics of different hot water systems.

  1. What is my current system?
  2. How many people reside in the house, how much and when is hot water used?
  3. Is natural gas connected to your house or available to be connected?
  4. How much sunlight does your roof receive in different seasons?
  5. What is your local climate like? Average temperatures in different seasons?
  6. How much are you willing to spend on the hot water system?
  7. Does the house have ample room for different hot water system sizes?

If you are dealing with a consultant, your answers will help them steer you in the right direction.

Need more information? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with a Gas Works Hot Water Specialist by phone or online enquiry. With decades of experience they can help you with which hot water system will work best for you!


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