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Gas Works are South Australia’s heating, cooling and gas appliance specialists.

Opening your electricity and water bills, with sweaty palms? Worried about rising cost of living… but have choice-paralysis on heating, cooling and gas products?
Don’t leave rebates and Government schemes untapped.

You need technicians and problem-solvers, not salesmen. Experts who understand it’s about cost savings and performance, as well as aesthetics and visual placement.
You know us for our jingle, but we’re not celebrating over 25 years in South Australia just for our catchy melody. From expert advice the moment you walk into one of our four locations to great pricing and installation backed with extensive warranties, Gas Works does it all, under the one roof.

If you need Heating, Cooling, Hot Water, Cooking Appliances, BBQ or Outdoor solutions…you need Gas Works.

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We offer our customers an extensive number of choices to heat and cool their homes and businesses.

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How do I pick the right product for me?

If you’re looking for heating, cooling, maybe even hot water or solar and more then you are in the right spot. Gasworks provides only the best most sought after range of the top brands and appliances at the most competitive prices. Above, simply hover over the tabs and select the category that suits best where you’ll be taken to our extensive product range.

To ensure the safety and comfort of those within your home or business, it is essential that you consult the heating and cooling experts when you are looking for a new product. At Gas Works, our number one priority is bringing Australian homes comfort and sustainability. If you are in the market for new heating and cooling products or more to get you through the harsh months of the year, allow us to help you make a selection that works for you.

Taking into account everything from location to budget and preference, we are confident that with Gas Works, you will be able to make a long-term selection for the wellbeing of those within your home.

The best big brand deals on evaporative and refridgerated air conditioning, from Breezair to Coolair.

To ensure that your home remains comfortable and safe, Gas Works offer premium evaporative and refrigerated cooling solutions for a range of budgets and property designs.

To get through the Australian summer, evaporative and refrigerated air conditioning is a perfect solution. Using moisture and ventilation, your home can be continuously filled with cool air, despite the hot conditions outside.

At Gas Works, we offer a range of premier products from Breezair and Coolair, spanning different sizes, capabilities and price ranges. If your property is in need of a new air con, allow our professionals to help you make a product selection that works long-term.