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Continuous Hot Water Systems [VIDEO]

Continuous Hot Water Systems [VIDEO]

Looking at a new hot water system but not sure what to install? See why a gas continuous hot water system can give you hot water on demand while also saving you money.

Continuous Hot Water System Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome to better living. In this episode we take a look in more detail about Gas continuous flow hot water systems and why there are so popular.

As we mentioned in our previous program with the continuous flow hot water system you only heat the water you need at the time. Unlike the traditional tank system which heats water and then store it in a tank. Now this is generally done overnight but of course as time goes by the water loses temperature and requires re heating thus using more power to maintain its temperature.

Now you would have to think that these continuous flow systems run more economically than the old tank system and they do. Add to this they run on natural gas which means they are cheaper to run and create less green house gas emissions so they are better for the environment too.

Today’s systems come from market leader such as Bosch and Rinnai and are extremely efficient and effective, unlike the old instant hot water systems these are state of the art design and functionality.

One of the best features of these units is the controllers. The controllers have the capability for to determine the temperature that comes out of the tap. Now that is great for those who like their showers hotter or cooler that someone else, but it can also prevent the sensitive skin of children from getting burn from hot water.

You can have more than one controller, say for argument sake what you live in a two story house you could have one downstairs and another upstairs or in multiple bathrooms and that’s what makes these units so versatile.

So let’s sum up. They run on natural gas which leaves less of a carbon footprint, they are more economical than electricity; there is less wasted hot water and now here is the really exciting part. There are generous rebates offered to those who change from electric systems to natural gas systems, so it’s save, save, save and don’t we love that.

Now whether you are replacing an existing unit or building a new home a natural gas continuous flow unit is the go. So drop into a Gasworks Showroom and have a chat with one of the gas specialist staff and see if a gas continuous hot water system would suit you and of course the Gasworks website has a lot of information too. Until next time I’m Karen Prater for Better Living wishing better living.

Want more information on a continuous hot water system to suit your needs? Talk to the hot water specialists at your nearest Gas Works Showroom who will help find what works better for you.

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