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Ductair Energy Smart Delivery System [Video]

Ductair Energy Smart Delivery System [Video]

So you’ve done your research and decided on the type of air conditioning system you want for your home. If you’re going for ducted reverse cycle then you would have likely come to the conclusion that Panasonic is a great choice. If you’re thinking about the many benefits of evaporative, then you’ll have found they don’t come any better than a Breezair.

But have you given any thought as to what type of delivery system is best for your situation? Now, if your like many people, you probably haven’t given this a second thought.

But when you consider that the transfer process can impact system efficiency – and running costs – by up to 30%, then you might just want to take a deeper look. It all comes down to basic thermal physics. The air conditioner produces the cold air and the delivery system transfers the air from the unit into the room. Now if you’ve ever been into a roof space during  summer you know it can get incredibly hot – in fact it can reach up to 65 degrees and so the better the delivery system the cooler the air arrives. Naturally the same thing applies to warm air in winter.

So what makes for good delivery system? Firstly no air leaks. There’s no point in spending money to cool or warm air just to have it escape into the roof space.

Then, there’s the insulation properties. You‘ve insulated the ceiling and walls so it makes sense that the delivery system is also well insulated. Standard polyester ducting has an ‘R’ rating of 1. The Ductair Energy Smart delivery system is rated at R1.5  and has been independently university tested. The research shows that these thermos dynamics can reduce peak power needs by up to 30%.  In simple terms, that means that your air conditioning unit is more efficient in both cooling in summer or warming in winter, which in turn means less power use over the year and a longer life expectancy for the unit, which is good news around.

It also means a reduction in carbon emissions – and that’s VERY cool.

Another important element in a reverse cycle delivery system is the filter. Reverse cycle is a ‘sealed system’ that draws air from inside your home through the filter located behind the return air intake grill The air is then cooled or heated inside the unit and then blown back through the delivery system into your home. This means the same air is constantly recycled


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