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Ducted Gas Heating, what you need to know! [VIDEO]

Ducted Gas Heating, what you need to know! [VIDEO]

Have you been looking into Ducted Gas Heating but were never quite sure if it was the right choice for you? Let Better Living with Gas Works show you how a Ducted Gas Heating system can heat your home more efficiently and reduce your energy bills during the high usage winter months.

Ducted gas heating video transcript

Hi and welcome to better living with Gasworks. I don’t know about you
but I hate being cold. I know that you can always put on another jumper
and wrap yourself up but nothing beats a nice warm home in winter. With
natural gas there’s a number of options. There are those beautiful gas log fires that look so warm and inviting. Then are space heaters and wall furnaces but for my money a whole of home solution is the way to go
and that is exactly what you get with ducted gas heating.

Now a
ducted system needn’t cost a fortune to run. Breamar from Seeley
International an Australian company have created the world’s first 6 star ducted gas heater.

Natural gas is clean burning so you don’t
get stuffy air that you get from reverse cycle heating. Natural gas
heating also is more economical to run no matter how cold it gets.
Research shows that natural gas produces just one third of the emissions
of that of black coal generated electricity.

And when it gets
really cold outside, reverse cycle systems lose efficiency, while
Braemar ducted gas systems keep your home as warm as you want it — no
matter how cold it gets outdoors! Add to this that you can zone the
system so you are only heating the rooms you need to heat and at the
temperature you want.

There a number of systems you can buy and
these range from 3 to 6 star systems. These units are mainly installed
in the roof. The units can broken down into sections so they can easily
fit through the return air opening as we see here and then re assembled
in the roof space. Some people do have concerns about having a gas unit
in the roof space but these concerns are unfounded as the system is very

Now as I mentioned Breamar have produced a 6 star system.
While these 6 star unit cost more initially, the running efficiency is
such that they will pay for themselves over a period of time. The 6 star
system runs around $370 a year cheaper than a 3 star system and
produces 1.4 tonnes less of CO2 per year. To put that into perspective
that is the same of taking a small car of the road. So not only will you
be toastie warm but you’re being kind to the environment.

One of
the best things you can do is take the time to speak with the home
climate solutions experts at your local Gasworks Showroom.

years of experience in sales and installation, they know exactly what
type of system will work better for you and is best suited to your needs
and budget.

Or you can jump onto the Gasworks website where you’ll find loads of great information.

I’m Karen Prater for Better Living with gasworks.

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