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Natural Gas
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Natural Gas
is here to stay

Natural gas plays an essential and multifaceted role in Australia's energy landscape, providing reliable and continuous energy for various household and industrial needs. As a cleaner energy choice, it aligns with the nation's drive towards a sustainable future.

The Essential Role of Natural Gas & The Victorian Gas Ban from 2024

Natural gas is integral to many Australians, serving as a low-cost, low-carbon alternative to traditional electricity. From preparing meals to enjoying hot showers and staying warm, natural gas is central to daily life. With promising projects blending natural gas with renewable energy, natural gas holds a bright future.

However, not all states share the same perspective on natural gas. Victoria’s decision to ban new gas connections starting from 2024 has been met with mixed reactions. While some see it as a win for the climate, others question its true impact. Brown coal power, more carbon-polluting than black coal, accounted for 68% of Victoria’s electricity in 2020, and the state’s grid is already under pressure. Electrification might increase carbon emissions initially, rather than decrease them. The government’s claim of saving up to $1000 annually for new households and protection from price rises is also viewed with skepticism, as increases in electricity prices, supply challenges, and questions over estimated savings make it a decision with far-reaching consequences.

In contrast, South Australia continues to value natural gas for its cost advantages and potential as a bridge towards renewable energy. Our state’s approach recognises the complexity of balancing environmental concerns with practical energy needs, providing a vision that considers the realities of today while planning for tomorrow.

Natural Gas in South Australia
A Low-Cost, Low-Carbon Energy Solution

Natural gas is not only vital to the daily lives of South Australians but also represents an innovative step towards a more sustainable future. Here’s an exploration of why natural gas remains a preferred energy choice in South Australia:

A Cost-Effective Choice for Homes and Businesses

In South Australia, natural gas is 45% cheaper than electricity from the grid. An average Adelaide home with natural gas cooking and an instantaneous water system can save around $310 per year compared to using electric cooking and hot water. The more you use, the more you save, as retailers often discount higher consumption.

Reliable and Continuous Energy Source

Natural gas provides the most dependable heat for hot water, cooking, and heating appliances. With just one unplanned outage every 40 years on average, it’s a more reliable energy source than grid electricity. Projects like the Mains Renewal Program further enhance the robustness of the network both now and well into the future.

Up To 40% Lower Carbon Emissions Than Electricity

Natural gas has up to 40% lower CO2 emissions than South Australia’s electricity supply. Transitioning to natural gas from grid electricity can reduce carbon emissions by up to 58%. It’s an environmentally responsible choice, even in a state where 42% of electricity still comes from fossil fuels. The reduction in emissions will continue to decline as blended gas rolls out.

Renewable Gas to Take Us In To the Future

SA’s innovative approach is leading the way with gas blending projects, using renewable energy and water. By blending renewable hydrogen into the natural gas supply, South Australia aims for 100% renewable supply for its 2.1 million customers by 2050. It’s a sign of a future where natural gas evolves to meet changing environmental demands.

Embracing Natural Gas for a Better Tomorrow

Natural gas represents more than a mere energy source; it’s a comprehensive pathway towards a more sustainable, reliable, and economically wise future. Its role in our everyday lives goes beyond cooking, heating, or providing hot water. It’s a vital part of a complex energy ecosystem, bridging the gap between traditional fossil fuels and emerging renewable technologies. Serving as a lower-carbon alternative to electricity from the grid, natural gas offers affordability and dependability in a way that aligns with the pressing environmental and economic needs of our time. With innovative projects like the groundbreaking gas blending in Mitchell Park, natural gas is demonstrating its adaptability and commitment to sustainable practices. The benefits of natural gas are far-reaching, encompassing not just immediate practical needs but a broader vision for a responsible and forward-thinking society.

A Call for Rational Discussion and Action

While political decisions, like Victoria’s gas ban, bring new considerations and complexities, it’s vital to approach these issues with a balanced and well-informed perspective. The ban, although framed as an environmental solution, may overlook the critical role of natural gas in providing a transition towards cleaner energy. Brown coal power, significantly more carbon-polluting than other sources, still accounts for a considerable portion of Victoria’s energy production.

Your Next Step Towards a Sustainable Future

Ready to take part in this exciting transition towards a greener, more reliable, and cost-effective energy future? Visit one of our Gas Works stores today. Our friendly staff are eager to assist you with information, products, and guidance to help you make the best energy choices for your home or business.

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