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Choosing a tradie you can trust

Anyone who has had a home renovation, minor improvement or emergency requiring a tradie can usually tell you a disastrous story to go with it. From a botched job, high fees, being late or even plain failing to turn up. Gas Works offer quality installation with all the products we sell and by going through us you can avoid all the headaches associated with having to source your own tradesman. You will get the best service and care we can possibly give.

We pride ourselves on providing the best installation of all the products we sell and for this we need tip top tradesmen. In saying that, with decades of experience in the business, we also know how to tell a bad one and for that reason we thought it important to share, so when you are in desperate need of a tradie you can pick a pearler.

So if you are in need of a good tradie for a home renovation or DIY disaster, here are the key traits to look for.

Refer a friend

We all know often the best way to find something you need is to ask a friend who found it first! It is the same for picking the best tradie. Ask your friends if they have had good experiences anywhere lately and see if their contact can do the job you require. At Gas Works we love it when people come in off a referral a friend gave after they have a good experience with us, it is thoroughly rewarding!

Reading a book by its cover

As with any business it is important to take pride in your appearance. If you had a choice between a tradesman in an old dented van, wearing torn, paint splattered overalls and a tradesman in a well maintained vehicle, in a clean uniform, you are more likely to trust the latter. If a tradesman takes care of his appearance and possessions he is more likely to take pride in the job he does for you too.

Sticking to schedule

A good tradie is always on time or they will let you know when they aren’t. Many people waiting for a tradesman to come to their home have had to take time off work to do so and appreciate when a tradesperson is conscientious of this. It is a courteous person who maintains their schedule or notifies of changes. A tradie who will answer their phone and keep you in the loop is more likely to complete a job with the care and precision you would like to see.

The whole kit and caboodle

Having all the latest tech doesn’t necessarily indicate a tradie is good at their job but having a good quality set of tools can tell you a few things. Firstly, it is promising to see an organised tradesman, who cares for their tools and can access their tools without having to scavenge through the piles on the van floor. Secondly there are tools out there that have added safety and bonus features that can ensure the job is made easier, such as dust free drilling. Many good quality tools also mean the job can be done quicker too, for example laser technology for levelling and measuring can certainly reduce the time needed to spent lining things up!

The proof is in the pudding

When choosing a tradesmen for a big job, there is no harm in asking to see some examples of similar jobs they have done in the past. Whether it be some photos on their phone or even an address to check it out in person. Most will be more than happy to share but if they aren’t, alarm bells should be ringing. it might even give you some more ideas of how you would like your new renovation to look.

Get it in writing

When you are procuring a tradesman make sure you get a written quote, ensure you can understand all the elements that need to take place and ask for an estimated time of completion to be written on the quote too. It is also very important that for any substantial work that the tradesman visits you house to do the quote, this will lessen the chance of any nasty unexpected costs.

Don’t play with fire

Home improvements are important business. You want yours to last and you want to make sure you are covered for anything that might happen while it is being built. For that reason you need to make sure your tradies are insured. Those who aren’t might be able to quote you a cheaper rate but it is risky business and if anything were to go wrong it will end up costing you a lot more. When scouting for your preferred tradesman ask to see their insurance documents and make sure the business name and contact details are correct. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Now you are skilled up to hire your next tradesman! But if you are looking for an air conditioner, heating, hot water system or kitchen appliances then buy from Gas Works, we will take the utmost care in installing your new purchase.

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