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Get your BBQ ready for summer

Cleaning your BBQ is always a tough and messy task but how fulfilling it is to see that sparkle at the end. The weather is warming up and summer holidays are approaching, so whether you plan to cook up a Christmas feast on your beloved BBQ or love to cook outside whenever you get the chance, now is the time to make it sparkle. We sell BBQs if you are sceptical of how far a good clean will go to improving your BBQ.

BBQ spring clean

Prepare that BBQ for the summer silly season now. Here is the Gas Works step-by-step guide;

Prepare the BBQ

Ensure all food excess food residue is removed from the barbecue plates.


If required, heat the BBQ and leave on high for 5 minutes to burn off some of the excess grease. Leave the BBQ to cool.

Clean your BBQ plates

Half fill a tub with hot water and a little dishwashing liquid. Remove cooking plates one by one and submerge, scrub thoroughly with a bristled brush. Allow the plates to dry thoroughly. 

Finishing touches

Put hot water and a little dishwashing liquid in a bucket. Using a cloth wipe down the exterior of your BBQ. Including the dials, hood, side trays and trolley.

Ready to cook

When replacing the plates on the BBQ coat with oil and heat for 15 minutes to ensure they are seasoned, to prevent food getting stuck while cooking.

General BBQ cleaning tips

  • Clean while warm but not hot.
  • Line your drip tray with aluminium foil to make cleaning easy.
  • Teflon grill sheets can make cleaning a whole lot easier, they come in many different sizes and are perfect to cover your flat BBQ plate. Good for barbecuing for vegetarians and those with food allergies too, to keep the food separate.
  • Place grill plates in the dishwasher after use if they will fit, be sure to re-season before cooking again. To do this spray with oil and heat for 15 minutes.

Long term BBQ maintenance tips

  • Invest in a BBQ cover and use it whenever the BBQ isn’t in use.
  • Give your barbecue a good thorough clean once a year.

Safety checks

Start the summer BBQ season safely with these tips;

  • Ensure your gas bottle is a safe age. Check the date of manufacture stamped on the bottle, if it is any older than 10 years it needs to go.
  • Burners can become blocked while a barbecue isn’t in use. Ensure burners are clear, if they need a clean use a bottle brush to remove any blockages. Re-fit locking pins securely to ensure the burners won’t shift, and check that all burners are lighting properly.

Need a new barbecue?

If your BBQ is beyond saving this season we have a wide range of barbecues to choose from and would be happy to help you pick out the best BBQ for your lifestyle. Get in touch today to talk tongs!

Happy barbecuing this summer from the BBQ lovers at Gas Works!

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