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Hot Water Systems

Looking for hot water systems in Adelaide? Gas Works has the widest range of hot water systems and great prices to match. Whether you are after gas, electric or solar hot water solutions, we have a hot water system to suit your needs. We can also find solutions for any size of home or premises

Generating hot water can account for up to a quarter of a household’s energy usage, so it is important to get a hot water system that will suit your needs. A typical hot water system will last for around 10 years, if you are nearing the end of that lifespan it might be time to think about your next hot water solution, there is nothing worse than being left without hot water. If you have found yourself in this situation, Gas Works can help you choose a new hot water system and install it for you, making sure you aren’t without hot water for long.


Gas hot water systems

Gas hot water systems are an efficient and more environmentally friendly (when compared to electricity) way to heat your home. Gas Works Adelaide has a wide range of gas hot water systems. Whether you are looking for continuous flow gas hot water or a gas storage hot water system, we can be guaranteed to find the right gas hot water system for you.

Watch our video about continuous flow gas hot water systems to find out more.

Electric hot water systems

Electric hot water systems are a good solution for homes that are not connected to gas mains. At Gas Works we sell electric heat pump hot water systems, which are a more efficient alternative to an electric storage hot water system.

Solar hot water systems

The solar hot water system is the best hot water solution on the market if you are looking for low running costs and an environmentally friendly solution. They do require a large investment but over time that cost is recouped.  We can assist you in selecting a solar hot water solution, whether it be gas or electricity boosted, for those days with low sunlight.

Not sure which type of hot water system would suit you?

Not a problem, at Gas Works we are trained and qualified to assess your requirements and recommend the best solutions for your needs.

We have some handy information to help decipher which hot water system is best for your home and your needs. Get some insight into hot water system cost and environmental impact with our article about purchase, installation and ongoing costs, efficiency and environmental impact of the types of hot water systems. 

You can also watch our video about the types of hot water systems and their benefits to find out more.

Hot water servicing

Hot water system in need of a service? We can take care of that with a maintenance service. We will be able to give you an idea of the life expectancy of your hot water system and help you with some forward planning if it is on its last legs. For all your hot water servicing needs, Gas Works can help.

Natural Gas rebate

If you are due for a new gas hot water system you might like to think about switching to Natural Gas. You might be eligible for the $1000 Natural Gas Hot Water Appliance Rebate.

Support the Julian Burton Burns Trust

If you are looking for a new gas hot water system, consider buying a Bosch Highflow hot water system and support the Julian Burton Burns Trust. Gas Works and Bosch are donating $30 from every sale to the Burns Trust.

Our most popular hot water systems

Here are some of our most popular hot water systems;

Hot water system catalogues

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