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Air Conditioning

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Air Conditioning and Cooling Solutions

Gas Works offer a premium range of air conditioning systems that are perfect for Adelaide’s changing climate. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve put together the perfect range of cooling solutions for any size home or office. Whether you’re looking for evaporative cooling, ducted air conditioning, reverse cycle air conditioning or a wall split, we have you covered.

Leveraging our strong partnerships with the leading heating and cooling brands, we stock superior-quality air conditioning units at competitive prices. This ensures you receive optimal value for your investment in home comfort.

You can browse our range of air conditioners online or visit one of our three stores. Our team of air conditioning experts are always happy to help!

A premium air conditioner range, to suit your needs.

With rising electricity prices, it’s important to make the right decision when buying a new air conditioner. Our team understand this and can give you the best heating and cooling recommendations to maximise your power efficiency. We are the true experts when it comes to air conditioning Adelaide.

More features, greater functionality.

Want temperature and timer control? A system that removes humidity, airborne allergies and provides fresh air? Is your environmental impact a primary concern? Our expert team can show you which solutions will meet your needs.

Enjoy our customer-centric approach and full service, from consultation to fresh indoor air. For a complete climate solution, combine a reverse cycle or evaporative cooling system with ducted gas heating. This is the kind of tailored advice you can expect from us.

Evaporative Systems

Evaporative air conditioning systems utilise the natural process of evaporation to cool the air. This type of system draws hot outside air through water-soaked pads, and then distributes the cooled air throughout your space. They’re energy-efficient and best suited for dry, hot climates. We sell brands like Breezair, Braemar and Coolair, and can advise you on the best evaporative cooler solution for you.

Split System Air Conditioning

In split system air conditioners, the heating and cooling components are separated into two main parts. This includes an outdoor unit housing the compressor and condenser, and an indoor unit containing the evaporator coil and blower. This system is highly efficient, suitable for cooling or heating individual rooms or small spaces.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Ducted reverse cycle systems offer both cooling and heating solutions. They work by absorbing heat from one place and releasing it into another. They consist of a central unit connected to ducts that distribute the conditioned air through a series of vents. They provide whole-house comfort and can be zoned for efficient use.

Ducted Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning systems circulate chilled air around your home or office through ducts and vents. The system consists of three parts known as the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. These all work together to remove heat from the interior and replace it with cool, dehumidified air. It’s best for large spaces and offers superior temperature control.

Multi-Split Air Conditioning Units

Multi-split systems are similar to split systems but can connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit. This allows for individual control of the temperature in different rooms. A multi-split solution is ideal for homes or offices with varying cooling or heating requirements in different spaces.

Add-On Cooling Systems

Add-on cooling systems are additions to existing heating systems, allowing them to provide cooling as well. They utilise the existing ductwork to distribute cool air throughout the house when the temperature rises. This makes them a cost-effective and convenient option for those with ducted heating systems already in place.

Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance

Not only can we supply and install your new air conditioner, but we can also service and maintain your existing system. If your unit can’t be repaired, we can advise on the most cost-effective replacement unit or change over system.

Adelaide's Best Air Conditioning Brands

Enquire about a new air conditioning system today. Gas Works are the one contact, for all your Adelaide heating and cooling needs… no matter what the weather’s doing.
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