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Add-on Cooling Systems

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Add-on Cooling Systems

The perfect cooling add-on for 'Braemar homes'

Save installation costs by introducing a custom design ‘cooling add-on’ to your new or existing Braemar ducted gas, heating system. With its visually appealing design and economic operation, add-on cooling is the ideal solution for whole-home comfort.

It runs off the same heating ductwork, eliminates temperature fluctuations, and reduces system noise (inside and out). Leverage InvertairTM is Australia’s first invertor add-on cooling system for uninterrupted comfort and significantly lower operating costs.

It’s suitable for installation in almost all roof spaces, with grille options and room positioning adding to the flexibility.

AOCF Series

With this fixed-speed, add-on cooling system, there’s no need to worry about high energy costs. The intuitive 1W standby mode and automatic fan adjustment adds to the efficiency, as the temperature drops.

Do you have a bigger home or open plan living? We have large capacity units available. Add-on cooling is a Braemar-exclusive product. This is a specialist service provided by the Gas Works team.

If you own an existing Braemar gas heating system and would like to upgrade to an all-in-one temperature control architecture, add-on cooling is a smart choice. With zoning options available, you’ll love the whole-home comfort, without investing in an entirely new air conditioner.

Add-on Cooling Systems Products

Braemar Fixed Speed Series AOCF/TCCF
Braemar Invertair Series KACV
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