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Create a Crackling Fireplace... Without a Chimney

With Gas Works

You won’t ever want to leave the house this winter.

Your favourite chair, pulled close to the warm, glowing fireplace. Bingeing on your latest Netflix show with your steaming peppermint tea on your knees. There’s no need for a blanket. The warmth of the crackling fireplace, hugging you.

Winter time pulls you inside… and keeps you there. It’s a time of reclusion, restoration, and at August-end, of resurgence. Honour this cycle, by slowing down. And what better way than with that favourite spot, right next to the fire.

Here’s your ahhhhhhh-ha moment. You don’t need a chimney or fire place to create that scene.

Turn your living room into a snug sanctuary, with a gas log fire.

In just a few days, you can turn an unused section of your wall into a gorgeous gas-log fire. You don’t need a chimney place, or weekend trips to collect firewood.

This economical, ‘switch on’ fireplace requires no maintenance or prongs to turn the wood. No blisters or overheating, while having to open the fireplace. Gas log fires set the mood and create ambience and keep your family warm, without the chores of a traditional fireplace.

Stoke that cosy, romantic mood without having to buy, chop or store wood.

Gas log fires are a design statement in itself. You can only imagine a crackling, cosy fireplace, encapsulated in a modern wall piece. No one will ever know that it’s a gas fire… you’ll even forget yourself.

Introducing the Gas Works 'Instant' Fireplace

Gas Works can create a stunning centrepiece for your home by designing and building a mock chimney to house your built-in gas log fire.

Some gas log fires can heat other rooms, too, through the use of ducting. So, it’s easy to achieve that all-over warmth that traditional fireplaces do well. You know, waking up to a still-warm house.

Here’s an example of one of the gas log fires we’ve installed.

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