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Regency GFi750 Inbuilt Gas Log Fire

Regency GFi750 Inbuilt Gas Log Fire

The Regency GFi750 is a stylish gas inbuilt fireplace that fits seamlessly into modern homes. Its patent-pending infusion burner technology creates a realistic burning log effect, offering an unmatched fire viewing experience.

Practical features like flame adjustment, ember bed lighting, and a dual glass safety barrier combine functionality and aesthetics. An integrated battery backup ensures the fireplace remains operational during power outages. Built with superior materials and an industry-leading warranty, the GFi750 is a reliable, attractive addition to any home​.

Key Features

  • Infusion Burner with Australian Hardwood Logs
  • Dual Glass Safety Barrier
  • Flame Adjustment
  • Integrated Battery Backup
  • Ember Bed Lighting
  • Direct Vent Room Sealed Technology


Feature Overview

Infusion Burner with Australian Hardwood Logs
The innovative, patent-pending infusion burner technology utilises Australian Hardwood logs to create a realistic burning log effect. This feature is designed to provide homeowners with the look and feel of a traditional wood fire at the touch of a button. Regency designers have infused the burners into the log set, resulting in the most natural-looking gas insert available. The flames dance effortlessly in the firebox, creating a one-of-a-kind experience unmatched by any traditional burner. This Infusion Burner sets a new standard for gas inserts​.
Dual Glass Safety Barrier
The GFi750 features a dual glass safety barrier that provides a clear, uninterrupted view of the fire. This safety barrier not only serves as a protective measure, but it also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the unit by providing a clean view of the state-of-the-art flame picture and ember bed lighting. This design feature ensures that you can enjoy the realistic glow of the fire in a safe manner.
Flame Adjustment
The Regency GFi750 offers a flame adjustment feature that allows you to tailor the fireplace to your needs on demand. Whether you're looking for a roaring fire on a cold night or a gentle flicker for a relaxing ambiance, the flame adjustment feature gives you complete control over the intensity of the fire. This ensures that your fireplace can adapt to your specific needs and preferences, adding comfort and versatility to your home.
Integrated Battery Backup
The Regency GFi750 is thoughtfully designed with an integrated battery backup system. This feature allows the unit to continue operating even during power outages, ensuring that you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of the fire regardless of external conditions. It's important to note that while the system can run on battery backup, the fan and lights are not supported in this mode. This adds a layer of reliability and peace of mind, knowing your fireplace can remain a source of comfort even in unexpected circumstances​.
Ember Bed Lighting
The ember bed lighting is another key feature of the GFi750. This feature enhances the realism of the gas fireplace by creating a convincing glow, mimicking the embers of a dying wood fire. The ember bed lighting works in conjunction with the infusion burner technology to create a truly realistic fire experience. The glowing embers add an extra layer of depth and realism, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the fireplace.
Direct Vent Room Sealed Technology
The GFi750 also uses direct vent room sealed technology. This design enhances the safety and efficiency of the fireplace by ensuring that the combustion process is completely sealed off from your living space. This technology draws in fresh air from the outside for combustion and expels all combustion byproducts back outside, keeping your indoor air quality high and ensuring your home is safe and comfortable.

See it on display

We understand that making such an investment is a big decision and seeing the product first-hand can be incredibly beneficial. We encourage you to contact your local Gas Works store to confirm if this particular item is on display. We look forward to helping you make the right choice for your heating needs. 


Heating Type
Natural Gas
Max Input (MJ/h)
Heat Output Min (kW)
Height: 575
Width: 676
Depth: 383

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