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Air Conditioning Adelaide

Gas Works understand Air Conditioning in Adelaide and we know which air conditioning solutions are best for our climate and your needs. We can also take care of installation and servicing to make your life easy. With cooling and year round solutions, we have the air conditioning solutions that will work better for you. Take a look at our online catalogues below or pop into your local Gas Works store , we are always happy to see you!

Hot Water Systems

Looking for hot water systems in Adelaide? Gas Works has the widest range of hot water systems and great prices to match. Whether you are after gas, electric or solar hot water solutions, we have a hot water system to suit your needs. We can also find solutions for any size of home or premises Generating hot water can account for up to a quarter of a household’s energy usage, so it is important to get a hot water system that will suit your needs. A typical hot water system will last for around 10 years, if you are nearing the end of that lifespan it might be time to think about your next hot water solution, there is nothing worse than being left without hot water. If you have found yourself in this situation, Gas Works can help you choose a new hot water system and install it for you, making sure you aren’t without hot water for long.


Heating your home is an important decision. Heating efficiency, type of heat and cost should all be considered. If you are looking for gas heaters, gas fires or electric heating solutions, we will have a product for you. We have a large range of quality heaters and heating options with friendly, helpful advice and service. Be warm and cosy with one of our many heating solutions; gas ducted heating, split systems, gas space and gas fire heaters. Visit Gas Works Adelaide today or take a look at our online catalogues below.