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Copy –  Great news for home owners looking to install ducted evaporative cooling. Seeley International a South Australian family business have just announced that the cash back on their award winning Breezair and Braemar units has been extended until 24th December 2016.

Save your family from what the weather forecasters are predicting is going to be a long hot summer. Evaporative cooling is the most cost effective and environmentally way of cooling your home (see Better living What is Evaporative Air Conditioning Video). Gas Works are Climate Masters of Seeley International an exclusive group of retailers who are expects in suppling and installing evaporative cooling. The other advantage is that as  Climate Master of Seeley International is that you will receive an exclusive 7 year warranty on installation and the unit.

Gas Works are experts in  air conditioning and if you are not sure whether to invest in evaporative or reverse cycle the check the Better Living Video on Evaporative or Reverse Cycle Which is best?

Evaporative cooling is a great way to cool any space. The technology behind it is very simple but delivers great results. Here we will demonstrate who it works in 3 simple steps.


1. Warm outside air is drawn into the evaporative cooler through wet filter pads by the ventilation fan.

2. The warm air passing through the wet filter pads makes the water evaporate. The heat needed to cause the evaporation is expelled, creating cooler air.

3. The ventilation fan then directs the cool air through to the areas being cooled.

This system works similarly to how the human body regulates temperature. If the human body is too hot it will perspire to create moisture on the skin. As air passes along the perspiration it evaporates, cools the skin and helps to lower the overall body temperature.

Warm air drawn into wet filter pads evaporates the water. If all the water evaporates then there is no way to cool the air. That’s why all evaporative coolers have pumps that continually draw water to wet the filter pads from the top down.

Unfortunately evaporative coolers can’t be used everywhere. Most of Australia is perfect for evaporative cooling except for the top end of Australia where there are high temperatures along with high to extreme levels of humidity at the same time. Click here for a map view of the best areas for evaporative coolers.

Below is a video from Breezair that gives a more graphical view of how their evaporative systems work.

Looking to purchase a new evaporative cooling system for your home? Gas Works has you covered. Find out more about our extensive range of Braemar, Breezair and Coolair evaporative air conditioners today!

Visit your local store to talk to Adelaide’s evaporative air conditioning specialists.

With ducted evaporative cooling solutions from Braemar, Breezair and Coolair, Gas Works can find the air conditioning solution that works better for you.

1   https://gasworks.net.au/the-better-living-blog/evaporative-air-conditioning


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