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Gas vs. Electricity? The results might surprise you.

Gas vs. Electricity? The results might surprise you.

What’s cheaper? Gas or electricity? Well, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions, just yet. While gas used to be the front-runner by far, now it seems like it’s more of a turtle and hare race.

It’s debatable whether gas is now much cheaper to use than electricity. Yes, a megajoule of gas remains cheaper than a kilowatt-hour of electricity, but a kWh produces a lot more energy than a MJ.

There are two sides to every coin. Gas heaters are great for quickly heating small to medium-sized rooms. These systems do this cost-effectively, too. Yet with electric systems, you have a wide range of heater choices, often at a higher cost.

But, what if you could have the best of both worlds?

You don’t want to be in a position where you have to weigh up whether it’s hot enough to turn on the air con. The choice is actually easy, by combining two systems.

Ducted Natural Gas Heating with Evaporative Air Conditioning.

Did you know that the cost of running an evaporative system is about the same as operating a light bulb? Yes, a light bulb.

If we look at switching from a ducted gas heater in winter and evaporative cooling in summer, this is a game-changer, cost-wise.

You’ll enjoy more comfort and control, for less than the operating price of a reverse cycle system. With natural gas producing far less greenhouse gas emissions than electricity, this set-up would be more economical for you, and environmentally ethical in the long-term. Together, you’ll have a smaller carbon footprint and more highly efficient, whole of home solution, keeping you comfortable in all climates.

You choose the rooms (and temperature) you want to heat with a ducted gas system. For asthma or allergy sufferers, you won’t have to worry about dry, irritated eyes. Then, in the hotter months, evaporative cooling delivers fresh air throughout the home. Leave those doors and windows open for a summery scent, without losing your cool.


The largest evaporative cooling contract in the world? Seeley International. South Australian made.

With South Australia’s unprecedented heatwaves, you need an intuitive air conditioner that’s designed to give you more control, when you need it. Seeley’s touchscreen smart electronic controllers, for example, allow you to set functions each day, to help minimise your power bills.

MagicIQtouch, Seeley’s WiFi controller, makes controlling your power consumption even easier. Operate it through your mobile phone or set up voice commands, via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Seeley make both Braemar and Breezair ducted gas and evaporative cooling systems.



Gas Works are part of the preferred supplier group, Climate Masters of Seeley International. Cool name, hey? What’s cooler? We offer an exclusive seven years warranty on all parts and installation. That’s the beauty of dealing with a local company, like us.

For a one-heater, one-cooler solution that you can control from your mobile phone… that uses 80% less electricity than refrigerated systems, paired with Australia’s most (naturally) powerful heating range… and, can be installed for new or existing ducted gas heating systems… this all-house, all-year climate solution is worth a look.

Now, see for yourself. It’s as simple as operating a light bulb.

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