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Servicing your air conditioner this Spring is essential

Here’s why.


Servicing your air conditioner is like getting your floors professionally cleaned. You want to do it, you know it needs to be done, but it falls to the end of the list. The months fly by and before you know it, summer is nearly here.

But getting your air conditioner serviced isn’t just any other task on your home to-do list. It’s a matter that impacts your health.

Let us explain.

All reverse cycle air conditioners have a filter that act like the lungs for your home. These filters capture dust and dirt, preventing it being blown throughout your home. The quality of your filters directly affects the air you breathe. The trouble is, these filters aren’t visible to you every day. You won’t see how dirty they are until you open up the system.

Suffer from allergies? Have children or pets?

Now, just imagine, all that grime trapped in the filter. Once it’s clogged like this, the filter can’t continue to capture dust, dirt, and foreign particles.

If you’re constantly sneezing and rubbing your eyes, clean air in the home is even more important. People with asthma, hay fever and allergies, and homes with children, must pay extra attention to indoor air quality.


Dirty filters affect system performance.

If the health implications aren’t reason enough, clogged filters also impact the performance of your air conditioner. Systems have to work in over-drive to produce cooler air… which you’ll pay for in your electricity bill.

Months and years are shaved off the system’s lifespan and mechanical issues increase in frequency.

Servicing, that begins with filters.

With ducted or split systems, part of the componentry exists in the open, exposed to the elements. The filters, while a necessary part, are just one part of the system that requires regular maintenance.

Think of your air conditioner like your car. Sure, it’ll continue to run but after some time without a service, issues will occur… and often, more expensive to fix than ongoing maintenance would be.


Save thousands on repairs & replacements, with Gas Works.

At Gas Works, we specialise in supporting customers throughout the life of their air conditioning systems. We’re experts in reverse cycle air conditioning, with endorsements from leading manufacturers, including:

  • Climate Masters of Seeley International
  • Panasonic Air Specialist Network Dealer
  • Rinnai Premium Dealer

Backed by Australia’s premium climate control brands, with the good old-fashioned customer service you’d expect from a South Aussie company, we take your comfort seriously.

We service and repair a long list of air conditioner makes and models.


A special note on evaporative systems.

Do you have an evaporative system? Given it sits on the roof, we’ve seen many homeowners simply forget about it. Spring is the perfect time to have a Gas Works technician visit your home and check your system. A pre-summer inspection will get your house ready for those spontaneous 30-something days that we’ll start to see.

We’ll service the unit, paying close attention to the filter pads.

Warning: Every year, there are a number of roof fires, caused by malfunctioning evaporative air conditioners… accidents that can be easily avoided with regular maintenance.  

According to Paul Fearon, Director of Energy Safe Victoria, regular maintenance allows manufacturer’s upgrades to be completed and any potential issues that could lead to electrical fault or fire are addressed.

With steep roofs and system complexity, it’s not advisable to take this job on yourself.


Enjoy safe DIY tasks and bring Gas Works to handle all your heating and cooling needs.

Find your nearest Gas Works store and give us a call to arrange your Spring service.

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