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Breezair Products

Breezair is a distinguished brand in the heating and cooling sector, renowned for their advanced evaporative cooling systems. With superior energy efficiency and exceptional cooling capabilities, Breezair systems are designed to keep Australian homes comfortable even in the most challenging climates. The brand’s commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable solutions has earned them a respected position in the industry.

Breezair’s standout product line comprises their cutting-edge evaporative coolers. These units are built to deliver exceptional cooling performance while maintaining impressive energy efficiency. Breezair’s innovative cooling solutions promise a refreshing, natural breeze-like comfort throughout your home, ensuring your living space remains a haven of calm and cool, regardless of the outdoor temperatures.

Breezair CMSI XTR Extraordinaire®
Breezair EXS160 Evaporative Cooler
Breezair EXS180 Evaporative Cooler
Breezair EXS200 Evaporative Cooler
Breezair EXS220 Evaporative Cooler
Breezair EXQ150 Evaporative Cooler
Breezair EXQ170 Evaporative Cooler
Breezair EXQ190 Evaporative Cooler
Breezair EXQ210 Evaporative Cooler
Breezair EXQ130 Evaporative Cooler
Breezair EXS140 Evaporative Cooler
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